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Unique Features of MacOS Catalina

Did you know that MacOS Catalina is officially out? There are several reputable sites for downloading and learning how to install this operating system. Before you install MacOS Catalina, check the compatibility of the device with this OS, get rid of 32-bit apps and install 64-bit apps because they are the only ones that this OS supports, clean up the device to create sufficient space for the OS and back up valuable data. These features of MacOS Catalina will make you stop sitting on the fence and install it now!

MacOs Catalina enhances your privacy with the Activation Lock and Privacy app. Your iCloud account is attached to your device to enable the Activation Lock to prevent anyone who will want to activate the device without gaining access to the iCloud account.

There is no iTunes, but after you use Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts, you may never miss iTunes. Apple Music has a library of 50 million songs, music videos, and playlists, and you can access the iTunes music store through this feature. Your room will be full of cool music day in day out. You have a rare opportunity to view more than 700,000 shows on Apple Podcasts app that you can quickly search using the name of the host or the topic of discussion. Believe it or not, it is true that Apple TV allows one to rent or buy more than 100,000 movies and TV shows on iTunes and it also supports 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos.

Siri shortcuts are not only available on iPhone and iPad because MacOS Catalina allows you to use Siri Shortcuts on your Mac desktop. You can multitask with Siri Shortcuts quite easily.

With MacOS Catalina, your iPad can become a drawing tablet. Sidecar is recommended for designers, artists, and illustrators. You have second screen support for your iPads with Sidecar feature. Drag windows from your Mac computer to your iPad and use it as an external monitor or pair your iPad with your Apple Pencil and make changes on the Mac computer. Sidecar offers you convenience because it allows Mac devices to be connected to each other using the wired or wireless method, with the wireless method allowing you to connect them over a distance of ten meters maximum. Connect your iPad to your Mac through Sidecar and use Apple Pencil to draw on the iPad. If you are using apps that are compatible with Touch Bar on Sidecar.

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